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Nick Adriana Owner Owners Couple

Nick & Adriana


About him...

Nick comes from the music industry, for most of his life he has been running events and performing as a deejay in some prestigious clubs. Moved to Australia in 2014, Nick hasn't been much in the hospitality world but he's got some good bartending skills!

About her...

Adriana was born in Brazil, she moved to Italy in 2006, her strong passion for food quickly became a job. She has been working in great kitchens learning from some of the best chefs in Italy. Adriana is also our head chef of the restaurant. 

About Bella

At Bella, our mission is simple, to take you on a journey through Italy, serving only the finest Australian organic produce and sustainably sourced seafood, the finest Italian products paired with wines carefully selected from across Italy and Australia

“We wanted to create an experience that we were passionate about, from the cocktail bar, to our Italian and Australian wines and then deliver a journey into some of the finest Italian Vegetarian and Seafood dishes, a journey we know you will love”.

Come join us, we can’t wait to welcome you to your new favourite Italian restaurant in the heart of Darlinghurst!

Let's Get

Tel: 02 8021 5245

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