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Meet our head chef

Born in Brazil from an Italian background, Chef Adriana moved to Verona at the age of 20. Even though she has always been passionate about cooking, Adri admits her real interest in fine cuisine came along only when she found herself surrounded by the beauty of the Italian prime ingredients.  

Adri found her love for food and cooking at the age of 14 having shared many memorable times with her Mamma and Nonna in the kitchen at her family home in South Brazil. She has brought many of her family influences to inspire our menu bringing to life many of our traditional Italian dishes.


Our concept

The idea behind the restaurant, “Bella” is a combination of an Italo-Brazilian woman’s life dream and a chef with a passion for Italian cuisine and wines served with professionalism and accuracy in a homely restaurant. 


After opening its doors in December 2020 on Victoria St, Darlinghurst, it did not take long to Bella restaurant and wine bar to gain a spot in the heart of its beloved local diners, thanks to the amazing and flavourful pescatarian vegetarian Italian cuisine. 


Adriana and Nick have always dreamed about owning their own restaurant. Being both vegetarian, they noticed a gap in the Sydney restaurant scene, where they could not find a proper vegetarian soft fine dining, so they decided to open their own. 


Bella was born to be a lighthouse for all those vegetarian pescatarian diners who had to stick to a single option on the menu.  After a lot of dreaming and hard work they succeeded in their scope and brought this project to life for all of us to enjoy.

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Tel: 02 8021 5245

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